Cell Phones and Today’s Teens

Cell Phones and Today’s Teens

Uncovering the Dangers of Technology

A recent survey revealed that four out of five teenagers currently have a cell phone. With many advantages of cell phones, the dangers are rarely considered. Parents can use this article to become aware of some of the dangers to cell phone use. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has got strong parental control features. This is an excellent initiative by Samsung and it’s the need of the hour. If you’re interested in buying a Samsung Galaxy S8 with parental control for your child, you should visit this site: Samsung Galaxy S8 Price in India

Video Phones Used Inappropriately

Many of today’s cell phones have both a camera and video feature. A current trend for teens is to take inappropriate pictures of themselves or others. Examples include teens posing in provocative positions wearing little to no clothing. A recent article outlined the case of a teen who was charged with child pornography because they had such a picture on their cell phone. Parents may deny that their teen would have such photos, but photos are commonly shared among cell phone users.

Teens Post Negative Images Online

Another trend with teens is to use their phones to videotape fights, access the internet from the phone, and upload the fight to popular online video sites. Teens will text one another with the fight’s website to view. Other videos are also being uploaded from teen cell phones. Any life moment can be caught on cell phone video and posted online without anyone’s permission. Think locker rooms, bathrooms, and other vulnerable moments. Literally, every situation can be caught on tape and instantly posted online.

Cheating on Tests

While cheating on tests in school has always been apparent, today’s teens are utilizing technology to encourage cheating. Many teens have memorized the text buttons on their cell phones and do not need to actually look at the phone to text. Students will take out their phones and while taking a test/quiz, they will enter the answers in their phones and text to friends.

Teens, Texting and Driving

Driving is a rite of passage for most teens. Because most teens are glued to their cell phones, many teen drivers attempt to drive and text/talk on their cell phone at the same time. Teens feel that they are able to text without looking at the phone; therefore, they can also drive. The problem is that the phone is a distraction to the prime focus of actually driving.

Online Bullying Using Cell Phones

For years teens have experienced bullying and harassment issues. Today’s technology heightens the situation. Bullies can now text offensive language to other teens’ phones and/or send vulgar pictures to victims’ phones.

Keeping Teens Safe

Some professionals will contend that cell phones are a part of a teen’s private life. Given the dangers outlined previously, parents need to look beyond that argument and ensure their teen is safe.

  • Check both the photo album and video storage on the phone periodically for inappropriate content.
  • Ensure that teens are not using the phone while they drive by checking their phone log to see if they used the phone during the driving period.
  • Limit the number of outgoing text messages for the teen’s phone.
  • Create ground rules to the cell phone usage. Include parameters for the video, text, and camera components.
  • Contact the cell phone provider to find out about current parental features to monitor and track cell phone usage.

Overall, providing teens with expectations to appropriate cell use is a must for parents. Today’s cell phones have features that can be used inappropriately and do more harm than good. Be open with teens about the proper use of cell phones. Teens need boundaries even with cell phone use. Outline appropriate and inappropriate uses of cell phones. This knowledge may limit teens from experiencing some of the outlined dangers of cell phone use.

Why is Traveling Important?

Why is Traveling Important?

Some people travel for work.  That is their job.  They maybe a salesperson or a representative for a company and they go from place to place to sell their goods; or, they see and speak to potential investors to make the business a success.  Other people travel for recreation or fun.  Once or twice a year, they go to see and experience different things other than their nine to five job.  Yet, there are some unexpected benefits of travel that people do not realize.  Following are a few side effects of travel which may surprise you.

  1. Going to a different place can teach you about history and the significance of events which happened there. Have you ever gone to a historic battleground or site?  There’s just something about walking in the footsteps of people which throws light on how they lived or why they did the things they did in years gone by.
  2. You can learn about other cultures and beliefs. My immersing yourself in another culture you can learn about the people.  It helps to cure the disease of ignorance about another way of life that you otherwise will never understand.
  3. Travel gives you a break from the fast paced life you live. It also reduces stress and helps to recharge your life for day to day activities.
  4. Expand your horizons. Have a problem?  Can’t find a solution?  Perhaps getting away from your current situation will give you a broader picture of the overall problem.  You can see alternatives that may have been hidden by the bustle of everyday life.
  5. Traveling can help you to break habits. These include mental, physical and emotional habits that have been so ingrained with your everyday activities that you need to get away from it to resolve it.
  6. A traveling vacation gives you time away so that you can rest and recharge. Sometimes, just the memories of traveling provide a mini-vacation in your mind.
  7. Gives you time to rest and destress. Love sleeping in?  Plan time to do this during your off time traveling.  Don’t travel like its work. Set a slow pace so that you can soak in the local ambiance and surroundings.
  8. Gives you a change to step out of your comfort zone. Do something you’ve never done before.  Pushing one’s boundaries can open the world to you and discover what’s new.
  9. Gives you a chance to be less ignorant. We have probably all heard the old saying, ‘you can fix ignorance, but stupid is permanent’.  Ignorance is not knowing something.  Travel to a place you know nothing about and come away better educated about a culture, a race, or a religion.  Fix the ignorance.

Today, we have discussed nine reasons why traveling is important.  There are many more reasons to travel.  But, like people, they are varied and complex.  Take a moment and decide for yourself where you would like to go and why.  You’ll amaze yourself.

Adventure in Thailand!

Adventure in Thailand!

The guys from WithLocals asked me to share some of my preferred regional experiences in Thailand. They concentrate on linking travelers with regional individuals for special travel experiences.

Elephant Nature Park
Since she was a little girl, Lek was amazed with the elephants that called Thailand home. These exceptionally smart and emotional animals influenced her to save them from the abuse and abuse being caused by logging and tourist industries. Which is exactly what she’s doing today with Elephant Nature Park. Visiting this amazing elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai and finding out about these stunning animals from Lek was a very unique experience for me.
Songkran Celebration
Absolutely the craziest celebration I have actually ever been to, Songkran is an event of the Thai New Year. What began with Buddhist monks blessing people with a splash of water has actually morphed into an epic 3 day water battle in streets around the nation. Armed with water weapons and containers of ice water, total strangers of all ages collaborate to drench everybody within reach from dawn to sunset in what has to be among the coolest festivals worldwide.
Sak Yant Tattoo Thailand
Receiving My Sak Yant Tattoo

Traditional Thai Tattoo
It will be really difficult to forget this particular regional experience, specifically with an irreversible souvenir engraved into my upper back with snake venom ink. Visiting the Thai Buddhist temple of Wat Bang Phra, resting on the ground for hours waiting for a monk to hand-engrave a conventional Sak Yant tattoo into my skin was quite special. Not to discuss sharing that adventure with 40 regional people receiving their own magic tattoos.
Travel With Locals
To really experience the best a country needs to provide, consulting with local individuals who are willing to share their culture, food, or natural wonders with you will result in some truly incredible stories that you’ll never forget.

10 Super Fun Things To Do In South Africa

10 Super Fun Things To Do In South Africa

The Republic of South Africa is a substantial & diverse country teeming with wildlife & culture. It has a bit of everything– dry deserts, high mountains, subtropical woodlands, modern cities, friendly people and TONS of cool animals.
After investing near 2 months checking out the country, I have actually put together a list of my preferred experiences to assist you prepare your own visit one day.

It’s easy for United States residents to fly to South Africa nowadays with KLM Airlines on their routes to Cape Town & Johannesburg by means of connections in Amsterdam.
If you’re looking to check out other nations in Africa, they also fly to the cities of Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, and Kilimanjaro.
I have actually partnered with KLM to highlight cool travel experiences in Africa, and assist them hand out an amazing 6 day safari in Tanzania with 2 complimentary airline company tickets (US homeowners just).
I really hope among you men wins it! More details about the contest below.

South African Safari
I’ll never forget when a substantial lion passed just a couple of feet from our open Land Rover, unexpectedly stopping to look up. Everybody froze. Make a wrong move now, and we ‘d be his afternoon snack.
We were on safari at Phinda, a 56,000 acre secured wilderness location in the KwaZulu-Natal provence of South Africa. The lion was only one of the lots of amazing animal experiences we experienced, there were also families of elephants, cheetahs on the hunt, lively zebras, therefore a lot more.

Bungee Jumps & Rope Swings
Three, two, one, dive. I stepped off the catwalk and into the void, falling 288 feet with my stomach in my throat. The world’s highest rope swing at a soccer arena in Durban is absolutely a huge rush!
So is stoping along the Garden Route to leap from the 709 foot high Bloukrans Bridge and bouncing around hanging from your ankles by a glorified elastic band. If you’re wanting to cure your worry of heights by going to severe measures, South Africa is the location.

Swimming With Sharks
Perhaps the most feared animal under the sea, sharks have an infamous track record. Fantastic whites mature to 7 meters long and can weigh over 3,000 kg. However you can get an up-close and individual experience with them under water cage diving off the coast of Cape Town.
For the more adventurous, how about diving with sharks minus the cage? It’s absolutely possible (and quite safe) to dive with tiger & bull sharks in South Africa in this manner. Such a cool experience!

Satisfying The People
One of the cool features of South Africa is its diversity. The massive city of Johannesburg is a terrific place to experience this and meet the different types of people that call this country house. I liked going to the area of Soweto and learning about the lively & essential history here.
Fulfilling regional residents and admiring an area’s special art and culture. Or collecting for a standard Brai supper in the rural seaside town of St. Lucia with brand-new good friends. Learning about a way of living that’s various from my own.

Best Travel Movies of All Time

Best Travel Movies of All Time

So if you’re trying to find some motivation to press you into a backpacking adventure of your own, take a seat and see a couple of these wonderful flicks with a bowl of popcorn, a glass of wine, and a good friend.
It’s the next best thing to actually taking a trip!
Simply ensure to get off that sofa and experience the genuine thing occasionally, due to the fact that no matter how great these films are, they can never duplicate the incredible experiences of actual world travel …

The Bike Diaries.
2004|Walter Salles|Spanish.
The Motorcycle Diaries is one of my preferred films of all time. The true story of two medical students embarking on a five month motorcycle journey across South America in order to utilize their medical training to volunteer for a remote leper colony along the Amazon river.
Based on the individual journals of latin American advanced Che Guevara, it highlights the flexibility, experience, and personal discovery that is part of the travel experience. A beautiful film about among the most influential individuals to have actually ever lived, no matter whether you believe his impact was favorable or unfavorable.

Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.
2013|Ben Stiller|English.
The Trick Life Of Walter Mitty tells the story of Walter (played by Ben Stiller), an introverted, awkward, and confidential picture editor at LIFE Magazine who’s real life is quite dull. Nevertheless Walter has a very active imagination. When his task is threatened, he embarks on the experience of a life time.
Taking a trip the world from Iceland to Afghanistan looking for his hero while taking risks and conquering brand-new difficulties along the method. A mix of unbelievable visual landscapes, a beautiful soundtrack, and some humor is simply icing on the cake. The ideal movie to influence those yearning for something more out of life.

A Map For Saturday.
2007|Brook Silva-Braga|English.
A Map For Saturday is a travel documentary that follows one man as he stops his soft job with HBO to travel around the world for a year and live out of his backpack. It reveals the different methods people travel, and offers an accurate picture of exactly what it is like to vagabond around the world long term. You get to experience both the ups and downs of his trip at a very individual level. If you ever thought about doing something like this, the film will show you what the experience is really like. It also shows you that anyone can travel inexpensively if they truly want to. The only thing stopping you is, well, you.

180 Degrees South.
2010|Chris Malloy|English.
180 Degrees South is a documentary that follows the experience of a group of friends as they take a trip to Patagonia in the spirt of their heroes. They load their surfboards and climbing up equipment as they cruise and own along the South American coast, learning more about the losing fight versus industrialization and the destruction of the natural world. Modern industrial interests fed by the growing human consumption of disposable items is ruining our planet, and the film reveals what some brave people are doing to try and stop it. The motion picture’s lovely surroundings and wonderful soundtrack mix together with a strong message and travel adventure to develop a true masterpiece.

Que Tan Lejos.
2009|Tania Hermida|Spanish.

Que Tan Lejos (How Much More) is embeded in Ecuador, as Esperanza and Tristeza attempt to obtain from the capital city of Quito to the town of Cuenca. It is typically a 5 hour bus trip. The two ladies choose to hitchhike when local strikes require their bus to stop. One girl is a local aiming to stop the love of her life from getting married, while the other is a traveler from Spain. Along the method, they learn from each other while fulfilling interesting individuals who help them re-evaluate the purpose of their journeys. The film is filled with gorgeous scenery from Ecuador, and offers an authentic portrayal of life because country.

How to Find a Cheap Airline!

How to Find a Cheap Airline!

Flying can be pricey if you do not know the best ways to book low-cost flights. The rate of airline tickets is really increasing as companies merge and sustain expenses rise.
The flight is typically the most pricey part of your trip …
How do we reduce that expense and discover the most inexpensive tickets available?
After 6 years of consistent travel, I have actually learned a few techniques that will assist you save money on your next flight so you can come to your destination for an affordable cost. So pack your bags and let’s go!

Airfare Search Engines
Still the very best way to discover a bargain, using an air travel meta online search engine is quick & simple. These sites look for tickets across several airlines, and deal handy tools like cost prediction, price maps based upon locations, fare notifies by email, and more.

Cheap Flight Search Engines:

  • Google Flights
  • Momondo
  • Skyscanner
  • Kayak

It’s a smart idea to examine all 4 flight search engines before you schedule a ticket. You never ever know which site might show you the best cost.
Register for Fare Alerts
In addition to browsing on numerous flight search engines, I likewise suggest you establish fare informs for each one. Type the details about your intended location, a series of dates, and let the website alert you via email when prices drop.
There are likewise a couple of dedicated airline tickets sites you ought to definitely look at a routine basis, or sign up for. These sites scour the web for the very best offers possible, doing all the work so you do not have to.

Sign up with Airline company Newsletters

The best airline tickets deals are frequently readily available on the airlines’ own web sites, and numerous been available in the type of discount codes and special deals. Signing up to the airline’s newsletter offers you access to these offers, often as big as 50% off the released fares.

I just utilize Gmail’s email filters to automatically move these newsletters into a specific folder so my inbox isn’t really overrun, checking it weekly for offers.

Be Flexible With Dates/Times
The best time to schedule a flight has been discovered to be 4-10 weeks in advance of your trip. The very best days to depart seem to be Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday since they’re off-peak with less travelers and lower fares. Early morning flights or red-eyes (overnight) will usually be less expensive too.
Flights with long stopovers are more economical. Another method to conserve loan on tickets is by flying during the off-season, or shoulder seasons, when there will be less demand.
For instance? Iceland in the Fall/Winter, or Mexico in the Summertime.
Reserve Tickets In January
A few of the best flight offers I have actually ever seen are constantly readily available throughout the month of January & February. Round trip flights from the United States to Europe or Africa for under $500!? You do not need to take a trip throughout those months, it just means you need to schedule your tickets then.
Airline companies seem to love offering low-cost flights in January. Most likely because people are out of loan after the holidays and they’re attempting to increase need. Keep this in mind when planning your travels next year, and reserved some cash to schedule your summer trip flights in January.

Top Traveling Tips From a Pro!

Top Traveling Tips From a Pro!

It’s now been 6 years because I sold whatever and left the United States to travel the world. These are the best travel suggestions I’ve discovered along the way.

It all began when I took a one-way flight from Miami to Guatemala City, jumping nervously into the unknown and leaving much of my old life behind while starting a legendary travel experience all over the world.
It’s been a wild flight, and I have actually found out a lot because I first left. To commemorate my “travelversary”, I have actually chosen to share a collection of my best and most helpful travel pointers to assist inspire you to make travel a top priority in your life.
Don’t hesitate to share your own best travel suggestions at the end!
1. Persistence Is very important
Do not sweat the things you cannot control. Life is much too short to be angry & annoyed all the time. Did you miss your bus? No concerns, there will be another one. ATMs out of loan? Great! Take an unintended journey over to the next town and check out. Sometimes freakouts take place regardless.
Just take a deep breath and advise yourself that it might be even worse.

2. Wake Up Early
Increase at dawn to have the very best destinations all to yourself while preventing crowds. It’s likewise a wonderful time for images due to soft diffused light, and typically simpler to interact with locals. Sketchy locations are less hazardous in the morning too. Honest industrious people awaken early; promotes, fraudsters, and crooks sleep in.

3. Laugh At Yourself
You will absolutely look like a fool sometimes when taking a trip to brand-new places. Instead of get ashamed, make fun of yourself. Don’t be afraid to mess up, and do not take life so seriously.
As soon as an entire bus loaded with Guatemalans laughed with glee when I required our chauffeur to stop so I could urgently pee on the side of the roadway. Returning to the bus and chuckling with them offered me brand-new pals for the rest of the journey.

4. Stash Additional Money
Money is king around the globe. To cover your ass in an emergency, make certain to stow away some in a few various places. I advise at least a couple hundred dollars worth. If you lose your wallet, your card stops working, or the ATMs run out of cash, you’ll be thankful you did.
Some of my favorite stash areas consist of socks, under shoe inserts, a toiletry bag, around the frame of a backpack, even stitched behind a patch on your bag.

5. Meet Resident People
Make it an indicate avoid other travelers from time to time and begin conversations with local people. Standard English is spoken widely all over the world, so it’s much easier to communicate than you may believe, specifically when you combine hand gestures and body movement.
Gain from those who live in the nation you’re checking out. Individuals enhance your journeys more than sights do.

6. Pack A Scarf
I take place to utilize a shemagh, however sarongs also work fantastic. This simple piece of cotton fabric is among my most useful travel accessories with several useful applications. It’s fantastic for sun defense, a makeshift towel, bring stuff around, an eye mask, and much more.